Laravel Framework

By: Jaco Tijssen

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Date: 19-01-2016

Laravel Framework

Jobs may be too complex for a CMS. When this is the case, custom work takes over. Starting from scratch is a lot of work and especially expensive for the customer. To avoid this we kickstart custom development projects with the Laravel Framework

A framework's target is to ease the efforts it takes to complete common development tasks like database connections. Because frameworks like Laravel are used by thousands of web developers around the world, many software faults are discovered and fixed. This makes Laravel a safe choice when creating a platform processing customer data. 

Speed and support matters to us. Because Laravel has an immense community, support is available around the clock. This and the fact that Laravel is continueslly being maintained and expanded by its founder Taylor Otwell makes it THE choice for us to kickstart a web project. 

About the author

Jaco Tijssen is co-founder at Creativeorange V.O.F. and specializes in programming, technology and innovation.

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